Monday, 20 February 2012

The Beloved Dreamcast

My favourite console of all time! Hands down. It was the first console ever with network capability out of the box, and paved the way for the massively popular Xbox Live service. If you own a Dreamcast, look to the right of the controller ports...Compatible with Windows CE. Where do you think Microsoft got the idea? Ok, well the Original Xbox was already in development when Sega commissioned MS to provide their new console with an, easy to develop for, operating system, (a problem that plagued the Sega Saturn) but I'm sure they may have "borrowed" some ideas.

Well the PS2, Xbox, and to a lesser extent, the Nintendo Gamecube, did in Sega's little console that could. It's too bad to; cause Sega finally got it right! The Dreamcast had awesome peripherals, online support, and really good games. Even though its specifications on paper are far inferior to the other three, it still holds its own, graphically speaking. Add to that, support for a 480p picture, (unheard of at the time for a console) and you have an awesome package, with some truly beautiful looking games.

Online support from Sega went dark, late in 2003, and most third party developers followed suit. But, there is still an active, albeit small, community that is keeping the Dreamcast alive. Surf on over to |There you will find all the support you need, to squeeze every last ounce of fun out of this awesome console. There is a list of games with online support, various how to's for getting online, and even an archive of downloadable content. (Another console first)

The greatest console of all time, is still thinking!! Enjoy kiddies!!!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

PS3 Backward Compatibility

It's been a while, so here goes: I recently picked up a couple of PS2 games, at the local used game shop. Two Evil Dead games that I have always meant to play through, but never got around to it. So now I have them, and of course I have my older, fat, 80gig PS3 console. Well, no dice. Mine is not backward compatible. I had thought all the old fat PS3's were PS2 friendly, but today, I discovered the opposite. Here is a list of PS3 serial #'s that will do PS2 games:
80 GB Model Number CECHE01 CAN play PS2 games
60 GB Model Number CECHA01 CAN play PS2 games
20 GB Model Number CECHB01 CAN play PS2 games

If your looking for a PS3, that is backward compatible, these are the only models that can do it. Pay attention when your looking for a used system. Hint...they're pretty scarce....if you've got one, I suggest hanging on to it!! Good day!

Monday, 12 September 2011

Xbox 360 to PS3 controller

There is no other way for me to say this, so, I'm just going to say it;  I hate the PS3 controller.  I hated the PS1 controller and I hated the PS2 controller.  It sucked in 1994, and it sucks now.  It's to small, the triggers suck, and my fingers always slip of the sticks.  All this is personal preference of course, and there are those people who love the PS controllers, and think I'm crazy.  After Sega discontinued my beloved Dreamcast, I grabbed an Xbox, and have been doing 80% of my gaming on Microsoft's platforms.  The 360 controller is awesome.  The sticks are in the perfect place, all the buttons are easily accessible, and the triggers, are like triggers!

Well it took me a while, but about 6 months ago I discovered the Power A Xbox 360 style, PS3 controller.  Now it isn't perfect, but if your like me, an Xbox gamer doing some gaming on the PS3, your going to love it.  Check it out here:
I got mine at Walmart.  The chumps at EB had no idea this existed.  Go figure.

After 6 months of use, I am very happy with this controller.  The wireless connection works flawlessly, and the rechargeable battery is going strong.  It lasts a good 15 hours, give or take.  Happy gaming!!!

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

PS3 Media Server

Ok, so you got a ton of media (movies, pictures, music, etc...) saved on your PC hard drive, or portable HD's.  Well, it would be nice to watch it all on your big, high def TV without having to purchase an expensive media server from one of the bigbox electronic stores wouldn't it?  If you have a PS3, your in luck.  PS3 media server is a free, extremely easy to use media server, that will stream just about any type of video, picture, or music file, from your PC, to your PS3, over your home network.  Get it here:

It works on Linux, Windows, and Mac os.  This setup is very helpful, if you have an older PS3 like I do, with a smaller HD, or you just can't afford to have a portable HD,  formatted specifically for your PS3.  Remember that your PC, and PS3 use different file formats.

I have used this server for over a year now, and have had zero problems.  The instructions are simple to follow, and setup is quick and easy.  I have found that the PS3, and PC seem to communicate better, when the PS3 is turned on first, before you open the server program on your PC.  But that may very well be my network.  Also, I have found it best to have the PS3 hard wired to the network if you are streaming larger high def movies.  I have noticed some lag, when connected wirelessly.  Again though, could just be my network.  Yours could be faster!!  Happy streaming!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Want to play Halo 2 online again??

On April 15, 2010, Halo 2 officially went offline for the original Xbox.  A sad day indeed.  Halo 2 was the undisputed champion of online gaming on the OG Xbox.  The game was played by millions around the globe, and sky-rocketed the Xbox into the lead, of the console war.

How would you like to play it online again??  Now I have to admit, Halo isn't exactly my cup of tea.  I mean, I like the Halo universe, and have played all the games to their conclusion, but I am just terrible at playing them online. 

XBConnect is a free service that will allow you to play OG Xbox games online.  It also supports a few 360 games, and some PSP games.  I have used it in the past to play Rallisport Challenge 2, and it works quite well.  Obviously, the more popular the game, the more people playing.

Follow the instructions, and enjoy!!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Potable Hard Drives, and your PS3

So, let's get started with an easier one.  Most portable hard drives (HD) come from the factory pre-formmated with a file system called NTFS.  This works great for your PC, but is not compatible with the PS3.  The PS3 uses a file system called FAT32.  Useing the HD formatting tool that comes with windows, will only allow you to use 32 gigs (give or take a few bites) of the available space on the HD.  So how do we get around this?  Simple.  HP makes a simple little HD formatting tool, that will allow you to format your portable HD, up to 2 terrabytes, with the FAT32 file system.  Get it here:,64963-page,1/description.html

After you have installed this little gem, open it up.  Make sure your portable HD is connected to the PC.  In the first menu, choose the HD you want to format.  In the second menu, choose FAT32.  Now, hit the start button.  In a few minutes, (time varies with size of HD), your HD is ready to go.  Load it with media compatible with the PS3, and enjoy.  File size is limited to 3.9 gigabytes, so some larger high def movies may not be compatible.

And remember, anytime you format a HD, the info contained on it will be erased.

Getting that little extra out of your video game console.

Ever wonder how to get your PC to serve up that massive collection of media you have stored to your PS3, or Wii for that matter?   Wondered where to go to find info, or get ideas for modding your Xbox 360?  Having trouble getting your PS3 to read the media stored on a portable HD? I have.  And in looking for the answers, I have stumbled across a massive amount of info, on how to get my consoles to do the things above, and a whole lot more!  I have plowed through a ton of information on the web, hours at a time, sifting through the junk, to find the answers.

So I'd like to share that info with you people in the hopes that I can save you a few hours.  A lot of you may know this stuff, but a bunch of people don't.  That's who I'm aiming at.  I am not claiming this information as my own.  I am simply trying to wade through the mass of mis-information on the web, and just get the relevent info out to you.  And of course, get it all in one place, so it's easy to access.